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The Tri Glide is a highly comfortable touring motorcycle, that was first powered by a 103 cu in (1,690 cc) overhead valve V-twin engine, that produced a claimed 101 ft pounds of torque and 70 rear wheel horse power. The Tri Glide is a heavyweight motorcycle, weighing over 1200 pounds.

Equipped with a six speed transmission. The engine has electronic fuel injection standard. The electric powered reverse was available as an option when the Tri Glide was first introduced, however later became a standard feature.

Electronic cruise control is also standard. The Tri Glide trike is especially stable on the road, however the push and pull steering takes adjusting to, and could be more comparable to driving a car.

The three wheeled Tri Glide is highly visible on the highway, which could increase safety for the rider.

Over the last few years the Tri Glide has been manufactured with many improvements, to provide better handling and steering, including coil suspension and higher rear lift.

Water cooled heads and high performance engines have also been newer features.